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Information about meetings and conferences in the field of Tribology, Reliability, Quality, Applied Mechanics, Material Science, Maintenance and Machine Design, as well as calendar of the prepared conferences, symposiums and seminaries in partner institutions.
Conferences 2012

08-13 Jan 2012    Advances in Lubrication: Linking Molecular, Meso, and Machine Scale
                         Puntarenas, Costa Rica

10-12 Jan 2012    18th International Colloquium: Tribology - Industrial and Automotive
                          Ostfildern, Stuttgart, Germany

21-23 Mar 2012    3rd International Conference on Surface Metrology
                          Annecy, France

02-04 April 2012   Faraday Discussion 156: Tribology
                          Southampton, UK

11-13 April 2012   International Manufacturing Engineering Conference IMEC 2012
                          Shanghai, China

19-20 April 2012   Third International Symposium on Tribo-Corrosion
                          Atlanta, USA

31 May-               International Conference on Diagnosis and Prediction in Mechanical 
01 June 2012       System Engineering DIPRE'12
                          Galati, Romania

05-07 June 2012   International Convention on Quality UASK ICQ2012 Congress
                          Belgrade, Serbia

06-08 June 2012   Lubmat12 Lubrication, Maintenance and Tribotechnology
                          Bilbao, Spain

12-15 June 2012   5th Chaotic Modeling and Simulation Intern. Conference CHAOS2012
                          Athens, Greece

12-15 June 2012   15th Nordic Symposium on Tribology NORDTRIB 2012
                           Trondheim, Norway

19-21 June 2012   International Science-Technical Ukrainian-Polish Conference
                          "Techno and Design"
                           Kiev, Ukraine

20-22 June 2012   International Conference on Materials and Tribology MATRIB'12
                          Vela Luka, Croatia

26-29 June 2012   Int. Conference Maintenance and Production Engineering “KODIP – 2012”
                          Budva, Montenegro

01-04 July 2012    Fifth International Conference on Engineering Failure Analysis ICEFA V
                          Rotterdam, Netherlands

02-08 July 2012    International Summer School - Conference
                          “Advanced Problems in Mechanics - 2012”
                          St. Petersburg, Russia

22-27 July 2012    15th International Conference on Experimental Mechanics
                          Symposium 11: Tribology in Mechanical Components and Machine Elements
                          Porto, Portugal

03-05 Sept 2012   4th International Conference on Tribology and Design 2012
                          /Wessex Institute Conference Tribology and Design/
                          Kos Island, Greece

04-07 Sept 2012   39th Leeds - Lyon Symposium on Tribology
                          Leeds, UK

19-21 Sept 2012   9th International Congress “Machines, Technologies, Materials”
                          Varna, Bulgaria

20-21 Sept 2012   11th International Scientific Conference MMA 2012 "Advanced 
                          Production Technologies"
                          Novi Sad, Serbia

24-26 Sept 2012   Tribologie Fachtagung 2012
                          Goettingen, Germany

27-28 Sept 2012   International Automotive Conference KONMOT 2012 Design and Exploitation
                          of Automobiles - Safety and Environment Protection
                          Krakow, Poland

27-28 Sept 2012   International Conference on Advances in Materials Science and Engineering
                          AMSE 2012
                          Bangkok, Thailand

04-05 Oct 2012    International Scientific-Expert Conference on Railways – RAILCON '12
                          Nis, Serbia

07-10 Oct 2012    ASME/STLE International Joint Tribology Conference
                          Denver, CO, USA

18-19 Oct 2012    21st International Baltic Conference “Engineering Materials & Tribology”
                          BALTMATTRIB 2012
                          Tallinn, Estonia

19-20 Oct 2012    9th International Tribological Conference BULTRIB'12
                          Sofia, Bulgaria

03-16 Nov 2012    Cross Industry International Conference and Networking "Technology
                          Transfer and Innovation 2012" TTI 2012
                          Prague, Czech Republic

07-09 Nov 2012    HERVEX 2012, Int. Conference of Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Sealing Elements,
                          Fine Mechanics, Tools, Specific Electronic Equipment & Mechatronics
                          Calimanesti-Caciulata, Romania

13-16 Nov 2012    III Moscow International Lubricant Week
                          Moscow, Russia

14-15 Nov 2012    VIII International Conference "LUBRICANTS RUSSIA 2012"
                          Moscow, Russia

15 Nov 2012        OETG-Symposium 2012 "Tribology and Mobility"
                          Vienna, Wiener Neustadt, Austria


CEEPUS Member Countries
Conferences 2013

22-24 Jan 2013    OilDoc Conference & Exhibition /Lubricants; Maintenance; Tribology/
                          Bavaria, Germany        

20-22 Feb 2013    5th International Conference on Sustainable Construction and Design
                          Ghent, Belgium

06 March 2013      Int. Seminar Tribology at sea: managing marine operations effectively
                           London, England        

19-21 March 2013  3rd International Tribology Symposium of IFToMM
                           Luleĺ, Sweden        

14-18 April 2013    19th International Conference Wear of materials 2013
                           Portland, Oregon, USA

05-09 May 2013    STLE 68th Annual Meeting & Exhibition
                          Detroit, Michigan, USA

15-17 May 2013    13th International Conference on Tribology SERBIATRIB '13
                           Kragujevac, Serbia

17-18 May 2013    17th Int. Conference New Technologies and Products in Machine
                          Manufacturing Technologies TEHNOMUS XVII
                          Suceava, Romania

30 May-               11th Int. Conference on Accomplishments in Electrical and Mechanical
01 June 2013       Engineering and Information Technology DEMI 2013
                          Banja Luka, Bosnia&Herzegovina        

04-06 June 2013   Materials Characterisation 2013, 6th International Conference on
                          Computational Methods and Experiments in Materials Characterisation
                          Siena, Italy        

04-07 June 2013   7th International Working Conference Total Quality Management TQM
                           Advanced and Intelligent Approaches
                           Belgrade, Serbia

05-07 June 2013   Contact and Surface 2013, 11th International Conference on Surface
                          Effects and Contact Mechanics
                          Siena, Italy

20-21 June 2013   VII Iberian Conference on Tribology IBERTRIB 2013
                           Porto, Portugal        

23-27 June 2013   4th International Conference on Integrity, Reliability and Failure IRF'2013
                          Funchal/Madeira, Portugal

25-27 June 2013   International Congress on Engineering and Technology 2013
                          Dubrovnik, Croatia

04-06 Sept 2013   40th Leeds-Lyon Symposium on Tribology
                           Lyon, France

08-13 Sept 2013   5th World Tribology Congress WTC 2013
                          Torino, Italy

25-27 Sept 2013   15th European Space Mechanisms and Tribology Symposium 2013
                          Noordwijk, Netherlans

25-26 Oct 2013    10th International Tribological Conference BULTRIB'13
                          Sofia, Bulgaria

14-15 Nov 2013    International Conference BALTTRIB'2013
                          Kaunas, Lithuania        

14-15 Nov 2013    Int. Conference on Tribology and Interface Engineering ICTIE 2013
                          Venice, Italy        

18-20 Nov 2013    Malaysian International Tribology Conference 2013 - MITC2013
                          Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia        

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