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Central European Exchange Program for University Studies
Modern Trends in Education and Research on Mechanical
Systems - Bridging Reliability, Quality and Tribology
What is CEEPUS?
CEEPUS is an acronym for "Central European Exchange Program for University Studies".

The highest ranking decision making CEEPUS body is the Joint Committee of Ministers that meets once a year and takes all strategic decisions. Coordination, evaluation, program development and advertizing are the main tasks of the Central CEEPUS Office. Each country has a National CEEPUS Office in charge of national implementation.

The main activity of CEEPUS are university networks operating joint programs ideally leading to Joint Degrees, esp. Joint Doctoral Programs. CEEPUS covers mobility grants for students and teachers in this framework.

The main objectives of CEEPUS III are:
  Focus on joint PhD programs.
  Promote cooperation in the framework of the EUSDR.

CEEPUS Member Countries

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The CEEPUS year

Jan 15 - Call for Network Applications

End of March - International Commission, Letter of Award

Jun 15 - Mobility Nominations for Networks/Winter Term

Oct 31 - Mobility Nominations for Networks/Summer Term

Oct/Nov - Network Reports

Nov 30 - Mobility Applications/Freemovers

Nov/Dec - CEEPUS General Evaluation Meeting

More information on CEEPUS website: www.ceepus.info