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Short presentation of some scientific events related to the activities of our CEEPUS Network.
9th Conference on Tribology BULTRIB’12
19-20 October 2012, Sofia

The Society of Bulgarian Tribologists with the assistance of the Technical University of Sofia organized 9th Conference on Tribology with International Participation BULTRIB’12. All of the coordinators from our CEEPUS network were included in the Scientific Commitee of the Conference.
35 delegates from Romania, Serbia, Russia, Greece, Poland, Turkey, Germany, Ukraine and Taiwan, and 52 tribologists from Bulgaria took part with over 70 paper presentations. Young scientists, students and PHD students also presented their works. Network partner universities had broad representation of this scientific forum.
The presented papers were published in special isuue  of the Tribological Journal BULTRIB and some selected papers were published in Journal of Balkan Tribological Assciation.
The Conference BULTRIB’12 was dedicated to the 80th anniversary of Prof. DSc. Nyagol Manolov, who is the father-founder of Tribology in Bulgaria. He gained the recognition, confidence and affection of his contemporaries; he exerted great influence on their scientific thinking, and gave his energy and inspiration to one idea – the idea of the contact between science, education and civil society.

CEEPUS Member Countries
CEEPUS Workshop
18.10.2012, Sofia

The CEEPUS Workshop in the first Tribology Network, referring to our Project CIII-BG-0703, was held in the University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy, Sofia.
The Workshop was focused on future network activities, as well as preparation and implementation of topics of Joint programs. There have been some discussions related to the role of tribology in the large and complex scope of reliability engineering and the different tribology-related methods to improve reliability and quality, such as reliability design, component lifetime, condition monitoring, diagnostics.
International forum ICQ 2012
05-08 June 2012, Belgrade, Serbia

The International forum ICQ 2012 was organized by the United Association of Serbia for Quality and the European Organization for Quality in Brussels aiming to prepare the International Convention on Quality with the motto "Quality for European and World Integration".
Over 400 participants took part at the Conference. 94 papers were presented in 16 sessions during the days of the Conference. The presentations and materials given to the participants were put together in CD-Proceeding and in 4 issues of the International Journal of Advanced Quality.
Participants from our network presented a common invited paper entitled "Green Tribology and Quality of Life" with authors Prof. V. Majstorovic - Laboratory for Production Metrology and TQM and Prof. Al. Vencl - Tribology Center at the University of Belgrade and Prof. E. Assenova and Prof. M. Kandeva - Tribology Center at the Technical University of Sofia.
Greetings to BULTRIB'12 and CEEPUS Workshop

Greeting message was addressed by the President of the International Tribology Council Prof. H.P.Jost to Members of the Organising Committee and all participants of the scientific forums BULTRIB'12 and CEEPUS Workshop for a successful, instructive and enjoyable work.

/See the message/

3rd Conference DIPRE’12
31 May-02 June 2012, Galati, Romania

The Conference on Diagnosis and Prediction in Mechanical Engineering Systems DIPRE’12 has been held in the Natural Sciences Museum Complex of Galati. The Conference topics embraced Mechanical testing of materials and products, Tribology, Lubrication and lubricants, Diagnosis and prediction of mechanical failure. This scientific forum was assisted also by the Romanian Tribology Association and was hosted by the Department of Machine Design and Graphics at the "Dunarea de Jos" University of Galati. 65 participants with 59 paper presentations, a few of them as video presentations, worked in some parallel sessions. Most of them were representatives of different cities of the host-country and other were guests from Bulgaria, Serbia, Turkey, Moldova, Greece and Bosnia&Herzegovina. Delegates from  CEEPUS partner universities actively participated in the conference sessions.
The Conference finished by a wonderful excursion on the Danube organized and guided in a brilliant way by the Romanian organizers.

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