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The University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy (UCTM) is located in the capital of Bulgaria, Sofia, which is the largest industrial business and cultural center in the country. UCTM is located in the south-eastern part of Sofia , near to Vitosha mountain. Several other Universities and the Student town are on a walking distance.

The University was founded in 1953 and inherited the best traditions of the Bulgarian chemical higher education. As an educational Establishment of advanced learning UCTM is a self-governing state institution according to the Bulgarian low of the higher education .

Today UCTM is an educational and research center with a strong reputation in training highly skilled specialists with career opportunities in industry, research and special fields in designing , operating, and managing various production methods and industrial enterprises.

Every year UCTM trains about 3000 undergraduate and post-graduate students a number of whom come from Europe , Asia, Africa and Latin America. A total of 352 lecturers are engaged in teaching and research; more than half of them are professors and associate professors; 273 are doctors and doctor of science.

UCTM initiated and was a partner in TEMPUS projects with more than 30 universities and higher Institutions in Germany, Great Britain, France, Belgium,Netherlands,Spain, Italy etc. This enables UCTM students to attend courses, prepare their theses and join practical courses at other European universities. Currently UCTM has 21 bilateral contracts included in the Institutional ERASMUS Contract which is the base of the sustainable development of the European dimension of the educational process.

The underlying concept of organizing and conducting training and research at the University is that the future belongs to new technologies and materials, new approaches to their management , a new understanding of chemical processes in harmony with the nature.