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  Lamar laboratory is specialized in the performance research activities and material characterization of with various structures and compositions. For this purpose, the laboratory has disposal the following equipment: 

1. Universal Galvanostat/potentiostat -AUTOLAB PG/STAT 30/2, supported by  Frequency Response Analyser (FRA – 2), product of Ecochemie (the Netherlands). 

This device enables the following measurements:

  • Galvanostatic measurements
  • Galvanodynamic measurements
  • Potentiostatic measurements
  • Potentiodynamic measurements
  • Impulse and reversive electrical measurements
  • Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy

      A set of specially constructed cells  is done, in order to perform simultaneous large term experimjents in model corrosive media.

2.  Atomic Force Microscopy

The device Easyscan 2, product of Nanosurf – (Switzerland)  is able to perform surface images on very small areas of the investigatred surfaces.  It also has the possibility to render quantitative values of the surface roughness, as well.

3. Thermal analysis

It can be performed on the territory of the laboratory by Linseis STA PT- 1600 (Germany), which is constructed  for execution of precise Differential Thermal (DТА), Thermogravimetric  (ТG) analyses and Differential Scanning Calorimetry  (DSC) at temperatures, up-to  1600 ˚С with maximal heating rate until 10 ˚С/min.

4. Physical parameters chatracterization

– Device Positector 6000 product of DeFelsko – USA  for measuring of the thickness of non-conductive coatings.

Device Positest AT-A automatic adhesion tester product of DeFelsko – USA   for pull-of measurement of the adhession of varuious types of thin layers and coatings.

Device THETA LITE 100 Optical tensiometer” – product of Biolin Science – Sweden for determination of the surface tension at contact with distilled water.

5. Determination of optical parameters

–  Sun light simulator  Solar light  product of Solar light– USA.

Device Lovibond RT 100 –UK  for precise determination of the color characteristics of various solid surfaces.

6. Equipment for characterization of liquid systems properties

There is a special laboratory for thin layers synthesis and deposition via the sol-gel method on various types of substrates. It enables various processes of surface surface and in-bulk treatments, in accordance with the desired needs and purposes. 

Finally, this laboratory has conventional equipment, such as:

–  рН – meter – Hanna instruments HI 255 combined meter

Rotational Viscosimeter – Fungilab Visco Basic Plus  

7. Installation for testing of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFCs). It is composed by four basic units:

  • Special high temperature chamber with own electrical feeding, produced by ECN (the Netherlands).
  • Devises for hydrogen/oxidant gas feeding with precise humidifier, products of  Fideris – USA.
  • Unit for precise field related Температурен контрол за хомогенно термо поле- България
  • Specialized software for test procedures performance - Fideris – USA

       The installation is appropriate for long term acquisition of the electrical charatcteristics of SOFC in temperature range between  500 and 1000оС,  at feeding with hydrogen flux with up-to 325 оС, and controlled humidity.  The samples should be with disc form, with 80 - 120 mm of diameter. Such tests enable to determine the aging effects until the complete cell destruction. 

8. Additional equipment

  • In order to perform its scientific research mission, the Laboratory owes additional facilities, as follows:

8.1.   Preparation of samples for analysis:

8.2. Analyses with other laboratories  (The LAMAR laboratory's members are in active contacts with other leading research centers,  equipped with different high performance analytical instruments.

  • Laboratory for electron microscopy, from the Physical Faculty of "Kliment Okhridsky" Unioversity - Sofia.
  • Laboratory for Positron Annihiliation, from BAS.
  • Other specialized laboratories from from Spain, Italy, etc.