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Educational Activities

The intensive scientific-research activities in LAMAR were combined with development of doctoral theses and Ms. C. diploma works by students from Damanhour (Egypt) and Vigo (Spain), as well as students from UCTM-Sofia. Thus, the Erasmus Mundus programm has rendered the opportunity for developmenmt of one doctoral work of student from Egypt, six Ms.C. theses by students from the Polytechnical University of Vigo (Spain), and one bulgatrian student from UCTM-Sofia, who was invited in "Jaume the First" University of Castellon (Spain), in narrow collaboration with representatives of LAMAR:   


Corrosion and protection of AA2024 aluminium alloy by cerium compounds in chloride medium, developed by dr. Emad Abd El-Mwla Aad El-Aal Matter, and represented at 2012 in UCTM-Sofia.


Influence of the oxidation state of Ce-ions and their concentration on inhibition effect of the aa2024 alloy corrosion in a model corrosive medium, developed by Javier Expósito Pernas and represented at 2011in UCTM-Sofia.

Comparative research over hybrid and hybrid nanocomposite protective primary coatings for aircraft alloy AA2024 - T354 developed by Aberto Areal Salve and represented at 2011 in UCTM-Sofia.

Influence of the deposition conditions on the properties of cerium conversion coatings on aa2024 aircraft alloy, developed by David Soto Rodríguez and represented at 13th of July 2012 in UCTM-Sofia.

Electrodeposition of cerium conversion coatings for corrosion protection of AA2024 alloy, developed by José Aníbal Piñeiro Ayuso and represented at 13th of July 2012 in UCTM-Sofia.

Cerium based Conversion Coatings for protection of AA2024 aluminum alloy against corrosion, deposited by non-buffered and buffered solutions, developed by Olaia Fernández Acuña and represented at 2013 in UCTM-Sofia.

Potentiostatic electrodeposition of cerium conversion coatings on aa2024-t3 commercial aircraft alloy, developed by Tamara Pérez Gil and represented at 2013 in UCTM-Sofia.

Морфология и защитни свойства на хибридни композитни покрития, отложени по зол-гелния метод, разработена от Aнелия Валентинова Гьозова и представена през 2011 в ХТМУ - София.