Departments in the Faculty of Metallurgy and Material Science


  • Silicate Technology Departmen

    The Silicate Technology Department detached 60 years ago as an independent training unit.
  • Department of physical metallurgy and heat processing furnace

    Historically, the lecturers and the research groups of the department are successors of two departments - Casting and Metallurgy and Ferrous Metallurgy (196
  • Department of non-ferrous metallurgy and semiconductor

    The Non-ferrous Metallurgy and SemiconductorTechnology Chair (NFMST) was created in 2000 by merging of the two so far independent departments – the Departme
  • Department of ferrous metallurgy and metal casting

    The Ferrous Metallurgy and Metal Casting (FMMC) Department is a successor of the Metallurgy and Mechanical Technologies Chair created in 1953
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