University of chemical technology and metallurgy

trains over 4,000 students in Bachelor, Master and PhD specialities in full-time and part-time study.
UCTM and DMMS are taking part in international educational programs such as ERASMUS and ERASMUS MUNDUS.
In the training of students ECTS (system of credit transfer) is applied with opportunities for exchange of students and teachers in other European universities.

Graduates engineers receive European administration diploma entitling them to participate in the European labor market. UCTM provides community for students who wants.

DMMS provides training to students in vocational subdivisions 5.9 Metallurgy and 5.6 Materials and materials science at the three degrees of training.

At present, students are trained at DMMS in six bachelor’s and fourteen master’s specialities. From 2000 on, more than 80 Ph.D. students study and work at DMMS, over 40 of which have been awarded the educational and scientific Doctor’s degree.

Some foreign students, Ph.D. students and graduates from Germany, Spain, Greece, Romania, Israel, China, Uzbekistan, Egypt and Nigeria study and carry out research at the Faculty under the ERASMUS Program.

At DMMS, bachelors are trained in the specialities: Metallurgy with four optional modules (ferrous metallurgy; non-ferrous metallurgy and alloys; metal casting; plastic deformation and thermal treatment of metals), Metallurgy and Management and Metallurgy taught in English.

The development of today’s society in conditions of depletion of natural resources and growing environmental problems necessitated stricter requirements with respect to materials. For that reason the specialities: Energy and Ecological Efficiency in Metallurgy, Engineering Materials and Materials Science with four modules (metal-based materials; silicate materials; semi-conductor materials and technologies; polymer materials) and Materials and Management were also introduced at FMM.

DMMS is an associated member of the Bulgarian Association of Metallurgical Industriy. The long-standing partnership and cooperation established by the Faculty with firms in the metallurgical business is a prerequisite for improvement of engineer training at the Faculty in conformity with the business requirements, procures practical training of the students in real production environment in the form of probation, development of research course papers, graduation papers and Ph.D. students’ themes, and supports the professional realization of engineers graduating from DMMS.

The University is an accredited university with the highest score (9.01)

given by The National Agency for Accreditation and offers accredited courses.

Professional fields in which students are trained

in Department of Metallurgy and Materials Science:
1 Metallurgy
2 Materials and materials science
are the first in the ranking system.

The rating system ranks

52 professional fields in 51 Bulgarian universities on 49 indicators divided into 6 groups:
1 teaching process;
2 research;
3 teaching aids;
4 welfare and administrative services;
5 prestigiousness;
6 realization and connection with the labor market.

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