Heat- processes technics

Submitted by stanislav on Sun, 03/08/2015 - 11:27
The aim of the present course is to give to students  fundamental knowledges  about some of bases theoretical questions from technics thermodynamics, industry heat technics and energetics which are nessecery for them future activity like engineers and also to acquire and study for someone of next disciplines.
The course involves the questions which based to first and second thermodynamics principles and includes  ways of thermodynamics analysis and  system balances (material and energy). We look at the bases thermodynamics cycles of heat power appliance  and cooling systems, thermodynamics processes with wet air and areas of them practicle application. We explane the broadly using p-v, T-s, h-s and h-d diagrams, the ways for work and we list the basic thermodynamics processes in them.
The course includes questions which are related whit motion of fluides in pipes and canals and explanes the ways to calculate of flow outlet velocity and dispose technical work and fluids mass -volume expenditure .
We expose analysis for flow outlet of fluide throught nozzle and  run-out.
The course look at basic trend for effective energy transformation by steam gas cycles and decentraling electric heat energy production.
We set out the basic combustion technics questions which are related with classification and composition of energy carriers and combustion calculation.