Vitreous Materials

Submitted by stanislav on Sun, 03/08/2015 - 13:06
Credits: 6,      Hours: 60 /30 ,    Semester: VIII  ,     Specialization: TMM
Method of teaching: Lectures and Practices, Writhen & Oral Exam
Abstract contents: The course aims to get the students know all of the essential knowledge regarding physical and chemical properties of glassy materials as well as the mutual relationship in the group properties, chemical composition, structure and method of preparation to obtain this important class of materials. Students will be acquainted in details with the mechanical, thermal, chemical and optical properties of the vitreous materials as well as with the specific characteristics of the viscous glass- forming melts. They will be let to know the scientific approaches for synthesis of vitreous materials with definite physical and chemical parameters, the method for their preparation as well as the conditions for their favorable application. Through selected Lab experiments the students will be able to acquire experience in the definition of some of the basic physical and chemical properties of glass and will able to synthesize vitreous materials in Lab conditions.
The scientific matter of the course is based on the knowledge of previous disciplines as Inorganic chemistry, Organic chemistry, Physics, Physical chemistry, Colloidal chemistry and others.