Advanced Vitreous and Glass-Ceramics materials

Submitted by stanislav on Sun, 03/08/2015 - 13:22
Abstract contents:  The discipline aims to give the corresponding upgrade level of the knowledge of Master- students, regarding the practical properties and the exploitation characteristics of the new vitreous and glass- ceramic materials. They receive a state-of-the-art information and a view about the tendencies in investigation of new vitreous and glass- ceramic materials, the role of the composition, the method of synthesis, the structure influence, the thermodynamic characteristics, the influence of phase separation and crystallization and etc. There are discussed advanced vitreous and glassy – crystalline materials with ion- conductive and semi-conductive properties, mixed ion-electron conductive glasses and elements, photosensitive and photoelectric glass- ceramics, special glasses in the optical range, glasses for optical quantum devices and elements, non- linear optical glasses, optical passive and active glasses, gradient amorphous and partially crystallized media with application in the photonics, communication lines, car industry and etc. Biocompatible glass- ceramic elements, resorb- porous glasses and glass ceramics materials, antibacterial, self- cleaning are also served. There has been an attention paid on glass and glass- crystalline materials with application for membranes and sensors, thin- films and smart- structures, gradient- and functional vitreous coatings, protective glasses and elements for the telecommunications, for the optical range, for aerospace and etc. There is a chapter for application of glasses for radiation protection, for immobilization of radioactive waste, glass and glass- crystalline materials changing their structure and properties, in dependence of the energy surface treatment and etc.
The lectures are based on knowledge from previous disciplines, as Physics, Physical chemistry, Inorganic and Organic chemistry, Materials science, Crystallography and etc.
Credits: 4,    Hours: 30 /25 ,    Semester: ІІ  ,     Specialization: TMM
Method of teaching: Lectures and Practices, Writhen & Oral Exam