Technology of Ceramics

Submitted by stanislav on Sun, 03/08/2015 - 13:10
The discipline “Technology of the ceramic” has a purpose to give theoretical and practical knowledge’s in the field of the chemistry and the modern ceramic manufactures technology.  The discipline treats of the basic raw materials for the traditional ceramic – plastics and non-plastics and for technical ceramic – natures and synthetics and their influence at composition of ceramic bodies. The lectures include the ceramic processes for preparation of ceramic bodies: grinding, spay drying, diluting, granulating, sol-gel.  The students will study the basic molding methods: dry pressing, plastic molding and slip casting. It is study and the ceramic coverings as frits, angobes, glazes, pigments and ceramic paints. Notice of dry and fire regimes in different type installations and reactions at the thermal treatment. In the course are includes the four basic ceramic manufactures: building ceramics, fine ceramics, refractory and technical ceramic.