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Lectures are held in the relevant disciplines, bibliographic studies are carried out, as well as individual laboratory lessons, thematic scientific-research classes with students in the corresponding specialties, too. A practical training is organized in factories with innovative technologies. After the semester completing examinations lead in both written and oral forms and students level is evaluated according to the 6 –grade system. The programs for both undergraduate (BSc.) and graduate (M.Sc. and Ph.D.) levels are described as follows:

Degree “ Bachelor “

        Heat- processes technics

       Crystallography and Mineralogy
       Material Science
       Structural Analysis
       Silicate Materials
       Heat Processes and Equipment in Silicate Technologies
       Heat Aggregates for Production of Silicate Materials
       Chemistry of Solid State
       Phase Equilibrium in Silicate Systems
       Mineral Raw - Materials for Synthesis of Silicate Materials
       High - Temperature Methods for Synthesis
       Vitreous Materials
       Composite Materials
       Ceramic Materials
       Light Microscopy
       Technology of Silicate Manufacturing
       Physical  Chemistry of Silicates
       Technology of Ceramics
       Technology of Glass
       Technology of Binding Materials
       Technical Petrography
       High  Temperature Coatings 



Degree “ Master

       Hybrid Materials

       Renewable Energy Sources
       Spectroscopy of High-melting Inorganic Materials
       Advanced Vitreous and Glass-Ceramics materials
       Special Ceramic Materials
       Rough - dispersed systems
       Crystal – Chemistry of Silicates
       Properties Modification of Inorganic Glasses and Glass – Ceramics
       Decoration of Ceramic Articles
       Chemistry of Cement